Highlight of our trip!

My family and I had the pleasure of taking a tour with Evan in May of 2013. He effortlessly ushered us through his highlights of modern-day Rome, but also had an amazing ability to paint a picture of the sights, smells and sounds we may have encountered on a trip to Ancient Rome. With Evan, we immediately felt like we were in good hands, like we could just kick back and enjoy nothing but the best spots in town.

Because of Evan’s connections and personality, we got access to things that normal mortals might never see. A private, impromptu tour of Teatro Valle, built in 1726 and currently occupied by actors, directors and producers protesting its closure. Aperitivo at sunset on the terrace of the exquisite Hotel Raphael, at a primo table with sweeping views of the city. A wine/pasta/cheese tasting that blew doors on anything we’ve experienced close to home in Napa Valley.

We just felt ridiculously lucky with Evan. Our tour was 100% worth the investment of time and (reasonable) price, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. (This wasn’t our first trip to Rome, and fingers crossed that it won’t be our last!) Evan chared so much about Rome’s rich history, art, wine and food – and left us with a profound appreciation for this incredible city.