The Team Behind Wine & Food of Rome

You will love the tour guides of Wine and Food of Rome. These individuals possess incredible widespread knowledge in history, art and food. They are fun, accommodating and excellent at speaking English. Evan and Christian are Americans and Kristian is Swedish. Rome’s local products are still largely undiscovered, but Wine & Food of Rome puts them in the spotlight, where they deserve to be. Meet the guides, and don’t hesitate to use the contact form if you have any questions.

Christian - The Writer

Christian is a graduate of the University of New Orleans with a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting… who found himself falling in love with Rome on a stop during the traditional after college Eurotrip. Guess he couldn’t leave! On his tour, he’ll tell you all the secrets that caused him to fall in love with the Eternal city.
When he’s not guiding tours of Wine and Food in Rome, he edits wartime memoirs and writes video game narratives.  He’s the second place winner of WILLiFest 2017 Screenplay Competition and a friendly spirit from California – a well-rounded companion for your Roman food adventure. His English nativity and Italian fluency coupled with his young, vivacious, passion and knowledge for architecture, history and culture make for an awesome tour. On your tour, he will take you off the beaten path… where you’ll find Rome’s hidden treasures.

Evan- The Cool Guy

Meet Evan: lover of food, drinker of wine and the most well-informed man you’ll ever meet when it comes to the art history and food culture of Rome. Evan learned about Rome the old-fashioned way, by moving away from America after finishing his Masters’, to a tiny apartment in Rome; on a student budget, with little to no Italian, bolstered by his memories of his Junior year study abroad program in Italy… Yup, it’s wild! But somehow it all worked out.


With the earnest desire to learn all there is about Rome, Evan took on the challenge and consumed the teachings of the city of Seven Hills. He poured over art history books while exploring the Vatican Museums, he pondered Michelangelo while staring up at the Sistine Chapel, he practiced Italian while ordering food from the local market in his best attempt to sound like Robert De Niro. And through all of this, he became one of the most famous and successful private tour guides in Rome. His storied and textured learning of the Eternal city puts a new flavor to Rome’s food culture and art history that only an American who has lived in Rome for 20 years can give.


Having a tour by Evan is like having a good friend who is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun to be with take you around one of the most amazing history rich city’s in the world!” – Cherryl T (TripAdvisor Review – Rome Illuminated)

Kristian - The Musician

Hallå! Kristian hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, and lives in between Rome and Copenhagen, Denmark. He is an expert sommelier who moonlights as the guitarist with a punk-rock band. He brings knowledge from his work in Mangia, a 5-star restaurant in Copenhagen. Kristian speaks perfect English and has resided in Rome for many years.

An outspoken guy, he brings to your gastronomic adventure fascinating context on the food customs of Italy. His network of small cafes, wine bars and other specialty establishments promises unique experiences. He will get you into the places that all your friends who have been to Rome have never even heard of. Yeah, he’s that good. 🙂  He is accommodating, amiable and most importantly a die-hard foodie: which the chefs in Rome love, and in return honor his genuine appreciation by making his guests privy to the secrets and inner workings of a kitchen in the Eternal city.